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lirik lagu who knows – big sean


“who knows”
(feat. mike posner)

press play press play…

sometimes my mind wanders away from me… i know
i like my tachi up tough maybe one day i’ll fly… who knows who knows who know?

i knows…

who knows?

[verse 1:]
i wish i could be when i want to. i wish i could do what i don’t do. i need a miracle i hope it come through. i’m trying to work it out, i need a jumpsuit (d-mn) cause i had me enough of not havin’ enough, slackin’ this stuff. mama on the phone not bragging or nothing cause he son ain’t really got sh-t happening much. saw my bank account like where all the “o’s” at? hit the club like where all the hoes at? get a lil change and you’ll see how sh-t change you’ll be up in the crib like where all her clothes at? and ask your girl she know it easy to say no to a n-gg- whose broke, but somebody with a lil more… sh-t… i dunno.


[verse 2:]
and i always have drive, gets where i’m going when i ain’t have a ride. and when they ask do you do what you love i’m a say i do if i ain’t got a bride. and i always call faith like big always trying to do it big till my crib on cribs. and my girl ain’t got to worry ’bout sh-t cause our world is going be the she can tell her mom i’m a keeper. i am a dreamer, i coulda been a king huh. i’m a put my hands together like an applaud look up for like what up lord. i know if you try to you can turn these gray skies back to sky blue. what’s made for gift of gold like a drive-thru you give us opportunity and see what we do with it.