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lirik lagu 1995* (doja cat response) – bigantdog (raps)


yeah i been gone for a few or ??? days
because a f*cking windows
f*cking automatic repair

you arrived in 1995 to be more dumb song called so high which you cried with 12 views i wouldn’t chat about a win or lose oh sh*t that virtually abuse me rumour about your diss but people want me and you collab drink my p*ss for that kiss my d*ck for that you rat can you not do a diss come here little girl let me talk to
good luck with yo’ future you try have s*x wit’ a computer now yo’ people cappin’ now you try be rappin’ that true you slappin’ for a sue due to that people be nappin’ on me i don’t do dabbing that old but you fans be tapping that a good thing
wrap this sh*t up but that flap it up let it fly and die its getting old
but you a sold out this bars cold ouch
gеt a flu that a corona
who is the moaner
don’t come at mе for this like it was offensive
or i get too defensive that was horrendous that you try to do like you sue me to death
now people on meth and sh*t
do a diss like f the beth’s
but this a response to yo’ ass
you will lose like you against nas
i will k!ll you in this beef like the other nonce
some of yo’ fanbase try come at me they will die
and lose don’t sue me for that which wasn’t true
due to that this the sh*t which will give you a flu
she probably knew now but i don’t care
i swear to god i won
i will kick you out like the mod
what game do i like cod
i will make you put a foot on the pod sike i wouldn’t sorry sike woo
that moo was sh*t was you mumbling
crumbling this up like pie numbing you up with the lyrics to you ass making you dumbing yourself like b*tch please call yourself a boss but that was a moss rock like i wouldn’t flex a ross
making a anti black song that was a loss
this was easy like that b*tch floss kid
now you twerkin’ and wearin’ lip gloss
cross the line you did made that racist song din i can’t be assed
naming out the racial of the sh*t
now you try do facial b*tch
if you make another one of the racist track you could be hateful
that song was disgraceful
i respect some but not that racist one
but its over anyway
that is over b*tch