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lirik lagu downfall – bigomuziq


jump on my board, surf on my wave
pray i don’t fall, carry my weight
sun is my heart, moon is my range
then comes the part where i grew my wings
icarus falls down to his shame

down on a road, call it complain
one way highway, full of dismay
i’ve been driving, i dunno, days?
time keep flying, can’t win this race

foot on my brakes, can’t seem to break
sick of this place, cannot escape
i will not waste fifteen minutes of fame
on nothing but love lemme shoot hold my aim, up

i been round here too d-mn long
i done gave all i had now i’m lost
why can’t i why can’t i why can’t i, be back there?
why can’t i why can’t i why can’t i, be back there?
let me out
i swear i’ll settle down
let me out
i know i’ve let you down

don’t follow me don’t model me
don’t copy me, property privately belongs to all of me
all of me got to answer to god at end of all we see
modesty has been taken a fall if you want honesty

constantly dancing til’ i fall off of marijuana trees
i have been working but still slacking in economy
used to mobb deep yea i used to be a prodigy
but part of me don’t know if this job is who i wanna be

my instagram is back n forth
it’s sabotage
i p-ssed the bar
then rapped some bars
and cast a fog
omar zidan, my brand be lacking stans and fans involved
but d-mn it’s hard
i swear, casting calls, elastic morals, rappers dressed like plastic dolls, sarcastic frauds, no traps involved i rap with