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lirik lagu introduction – bill


well look who the f-ck it is
probably rocking my gear right now
so don’t act like you don’t know me motherf-cker
daily bread, it’s the villain of the park
most dope soldier mother f-cking pillar of the art
sh-t, f-ck it man they’ve been waiting
tell soundl!cks drop this sh-t

yea, look
just missed you, you kidding?
i just kick this
switches up
b-tches are tripping on dust hit sh-t
love to spit and you’re nothing from this distance
hit ’em with a snip and their dusting for missed prints then
what’s the tempo from a city that’s real cold
use to pick shows and get blood on these steel toes
this is vagrant do not play with
came in unscathed from us hustling on this pavement
they say i’m back spitting like maybe i’ll act different
still dripping days with the haze with the packs pitching
don’t even cross the line
i’m from the flagrant
get your page shakes with shake and take the parking fine
tear up park lines, true artist, the fourth kind
knew that when i started i would [?] like it’s hard times
it’s my city, competed there’s no thrown
you can see i’m in the breeze
if you see me there’s no hoes