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lirik lagu open your eyes – biohazard


open your eyes motherf-cker

in this world of bullsh-t and lies
jealously and hatred run rampant
simple minded fould, cower in fear
to the slaughter the weak are branded
eyes closed tight and ears held shut
to what is going on right around you
a dull pain deep in your guy
with fists or words i pound you

i hate your apathy
i’m gonna make you see
for all humanity as you are on your knees
you say how can it be,
you thought you held the key
but you never cared about me
your death will set me free
there’s a riot inside my mind
the agony fuels my fire of hate

fed up with your conservative views
your concerns just seem too little too late
apathy, you live for yourself
in the guilded cage of your insolent mind
i cut off your head in the name of what’s right
and free the ideas of human kind