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lirik lagu you’re gayer – bionicbarnacle



[verse 1]
i’m not g-y like you
you g-y as sh-t b-tch
i ain’t as g-y as you
you probably suck your mom’s d-ck
maybe even her left cl-t

ay, yeah
i get yo b-tch wet
i get yo b-tch wet like a wet w-lly
my name is billy this sh-t isn’t silly

i’m not g-y i’m f-ckin’ straight as sh-t
call me g-y again i’m shootin’ up a school
call me g-y again i shoot up a school (x2)

i wear sketchers that makes you know i ain’t playing
i shot up a school twice it’s about to be the third

[verse 2]

i’m not f-cking g-y stop calling me that
i’m not g-y stop calling me that (x2)

you probably suck your friend’s d-ck
from the old school sh-t
make a song from the old school sh-t
christopher is columbus
sh-t probably f-cked up a b-tt

[verse 3]

lookin’ like nutkita solopa
f-ck a d-ld- and use a cuc-mber
a kitkat even got more bars than ya
this sh-t gonna look more real than a jaws take
can’t keep up with the speed of a f-ckin’ just dance
got a b-tch sophie, not a taylor
bet a kid with no arms could draw better than ya
using big words that you got no definition for
you ain’t in advanced you’re in common core

treat me like a lord b-tch you a little peasant
i put yo -ss right into a casket
projectile vomit like some motherf-cking acid
finally grew some b-lls to ask out a girl
it’s a shame that yo girl got no curves
(adrian’s g-y)
i don’t know whats closer your unibrow or your mental breakdown
you may be smiling now but
after this diss you’ll be shining with a frown

i’m the one with the crown, not you little b-tch
bow down to me