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lirik lagu 4 my town – birdman


take yourself a picture when i’m standing at the mound
and i swear it’s going down, i’m just repping for my town
off a cup of c.j gibson, man i’m faded off the brown
and im easily influenced by the n-gg-s i’m around
see that aston martin, when i start it hear the sound
i ain’t never graduated, i ain’t got no cap and gown
but the girls in my cl-ss who were smart enough to p-ss
be at all my f-cking parties, grabbing money off the ground

yeah, all hail mr. lyrical
spades or the opus, baby, what you got a feeling for?
i can show you new things, have you feeling spiritual
pastor kerney thomas to these hoes – miracles
yeah, ok, they say that i’m the one, in fact
some say that i’m their favorite
but i ain’t hearing none of that
im about my team, ho, young money running back

untouchable 40 with my ak
mastermind, big money heavy weight
on the grind, flipping money in every way
headline, my b-tch shine everyday
pearl white don p, marc jacobs gloves
cartier louis case with a dope plod
from the mud where they what you leave in your blood
going in, flipping hundreds get the young plug
show em where it go
grind hard, go, black diamond show, watch the flame blow
and how you stay grounded? cash no go
and how you stay mounded? cash no flow
and how you stay shining? bentley off the floor
and how you stay high? purple pine dro
diamond minks, fur, february snow

take yourself a picture when i’m standing at the mound