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lirik lagu 3:50 in la – bishop nehru


act two: the escape

the rap master who turnin’ masters to magic
i do it automatic, my cloth is a different fabric
feelin’ higher than an addict, been at it while they inadequate
i’m mad, but you trash, if you quit i would be an advocate (huh)
i had to get after it, i turn they asses to ashes, admit it and be adamant
i see ’em like adam and eve, they don’t believe
but my word is meant to hit like a missile, never deceive
they wonder, “is he elite?” and if he’ll blow through the sky
that’s like seein’ south park askin’ if kenny’ll die
the chances are high
they really can’t stand with this guy or stand this guy
but many still are stans of this guy
i played my hand, then i amputated yours in my mind
it ain’t a way i’ma lose, movin’ straight to the shine
and you can choose to pursue, you’ll be wastin’ your time
he lay it divine, you tired like waitin’ in line
i came from behind and blitzed through
hit the three, hoe, made a big move
and now i’m off to the races, he did it smooth
[?] dancin’ to [?], you breakin’ like an interlude
heavy creatin’ veteran, takin’ over with interviews
i’m not amused by the industry ’cause these n*ggas goofs
either they envy or they simply tryna get in the loop
the kid been testy, it’s best that you don’t test me
you pass regularly, i reckon you not wreckin’ me
now who’s checkin’ me? i’ll wait
the lamb sittin’ silent, the lion is in their face
i’m hip, n*ggas waste
the drip got ’em tryna ride the wave, but it’s tidals
not streams when he blaze
life is like a maze, my hand is on the wall, walkin’
not because exhaustion, i’m really about to start joggin’
i can taste the victory, you be smellin’ defeat often
bishy on the beat? you already know what that result in
i’m gonna win, all of them wanted him to fall easy
i saw it then, pardon them, no i’m not at all
stevie wonderin’ who can see me, the flow is the equivalent of fiji
bored k!llin’ this sh*t, no ouija

huh, sh*t is easy
light sh*t, man
n*o*n, triple 7 sh*t