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lirik lagu when a witch becomes a pale bride – bishop of hexen


muster scarce trails to pursue the final tales
i might appeal once quizzed, tested & feeled
oh, these cuts-cut-open and observed
though barely alive-cautiously preserved

molested are my cries
dispersed like transparent rime
yet strangely i see trees
which -ssail with stabbing scenes

thus maladies & their remedies mix
so violently they create loathsome tricks
labyrinth of angles-so twisted
shape & form the inevitable-

through the hexen’s mind
through the sharpness of her nails
into her grim thoughts he now sails

lame and sterile pain
becomes now the most desirable pain
washed to a pond of tears
emptied to a valley of the gifted fears
goblets of wisdom dried
when a witch becomes a pale bride
to the raving beauty of a doubt
a garland-old & worn-out

“here lies he who never lyed
whose skill so often hath been tryed
their prophecies shall still survive
and ever keep their name alive”