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lirik lagu world of white – bit depth


[verse 1]
deep in the woods
we meet a beast with eyes that hunger
from old tales when we were many winters younger
and the stones move and the trees sway
with its breathing

kick up my hooves
charge at the monster in the dark
with desperate hope
it’s unaware my t**th aren’t sharp
let me be hurt
let me terrified and bruised
for i just know that you’re too much for me to lose

and won’t feel apart from you

[verse 2]
i wake up first
the world more violent, unrelenting
and the sky
with every flake it keeps on sending
as it blankets
as it smothers with his eyes closed
but i brush it off
and i drag him back into the living
hold him close
say we’ll stay warm if we stay moving
help him up
we’re even weaker when we stand
but i will try for as long as his heart still beating true
as if i’m a part of you

so maybe it wears a
[?] right now
we’ll see all the light that shines just for us peek through the trees
we’ll tear a pathway through this world of white, ’til they blowing overhead
you are warm and
you are warm and
you are warm and
you are warm and
you are warm and
you are warm and
you are warm
you are warm

[instrumental outro]

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