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lirik lagu piss in mi face – biv


[verse 1: biv]
keep the win when i say so
i see the problems you face though
you get sh*t, prolly’ no case though
keep up [?] your play zone
you want it you know
you want it you know
you want it you know, she ask for sh*t on the low
straight face f*cked to her throne, hop on that thing like a [?]
now you f*cked up, rock em’ all [?] i don’t trust one
keep the [?] i don’t need none, running the number when the [?]
you don’t know me, don’t, spend a night in my own
life been a b*tch you know, i’ma face f*ck her throat
been on my own to know, been on my own to know
i’ma lay off the sh*t, she might cause the sh*t
i’ma lay off the sh*t, she might cause the sh*t

[bridge: blckk]
lil b*tch!

[verse 2: blckk]
you ain’t safe motherf*cker, if i haunt my face, then it ain’t no case okay
and i’m all for the p*ssed, i’ma die like the rest if i don’t stop f*cking this up
if the pain don’t stop, then my head still hurt, i’ma really start taking these drugs
ain’t sh*t you can fix, stay away from me now cause’ i’m really boutta’ hate all day
i’m pulling up to your front door, don’t let them hop out the back, no
you talk all that sh*t, then what happen? you got it up in your taxi, what?
i don’t know nothing about that, they want me answering questions
i’m up in a different dimension, these p*ssies can’t play with me now, b*tch i hop in the crowd and i
b*tch we do not play these games, live in the black with a blade, uh
all i can feel is the hate, they want me dead, homie wait, wait!
i ain’t got nothing to fight for, wish you were back, won’t you talk more?
look at you, look at you now wh0re, look at the sh*t that i pay for
[outro: blckk]
listen, i been in this sh*t now, ain’t n0body looking out for you
cop a vest and keep a blade on you, they don’t love you they just hate from you
play your sh*t, it got me [?] you, watch you grow and say they making you
hope i never get in view, lot of sh*t i’m never telling you

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