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lirik lagu the percentage – black plastic caskets


all the hercolubus hubris
doesn’t change the fact
that change is a fact and only a handful will be spared
glare blind and crying
pointing skyward, denying your eyes
denying your mindless despair

be not afraid to despise this world
and the vomitous ruin it’s become
let everything go and count yourself and everything you know
among the percentage

when the chaos comes on
dive in head first, be the first one consumed
the first to accept that the end is a blessing
and be sacrificed
to set everything right ’cause everything’s wrong
be disgusted
we’ve built it this way, to betray

grieve not for what we leave
the flesh we lose
let the world be our grave
embrace now the tomb
let everything go
include your self and everyone you love
among the percentage

a small amount of panic and it’s through
make it easy on you and your own
abandon your future, your fear, and your debt
abandon your home
sorrow’s next to nonsense
non-existence is a gift bestowed
resist not the change
an even exchange
a planet gone rogue