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lirik lagu 12 months – blacksound


it’s the gnawing in my stomach
it’s the hatred in my eyes
it’s the thing that keeps us bonded
it’s everything that i despise
it’s all the love there is to feel
it’s every wish i’ve taken back
its when you think that you’re lost, that you turn to the black
never lost, it can only be found
if you’re broken, then welcome;

all to blacksound

12 months since i fell asleep
12 months, still feels like a dream
12 months since i knew myself
it’s been 12 months, but i could hardly tell…

12 months since you’ve said my name
12 months i’ll never be the same
12 months of questioning myself
questioning, if i could make it out

the offering
of weakness
humans as a whole
believe in the millions
aspiring for home

a home for the homeless
who’ve made their mistakes
but still deserve kindness
to hurt is to waste

if i could just get through this

i could see so clear

all is blacksound