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lirik lagu riders – blazin’ squad


i have a vision, tell me what’s wrong with dat,
x-ray so i can see what’s guarn wid dat,
i’m gonna help people in need wot and that’s that,
you know me i don’t want nothing back coz,
what these people need is british rap so they can live their lives without fear of arch enemies
and satans peeps it’s a bird it’s a plane but it’s on the beat,
super flava’s on the street bounce back again,
for the crowd again i wanna stop bad guys in their tracks again,
i wanna help old ladies carry bags for them coz,
world peace is what i intend,
and i’m gonna lick it up wid my powers dem,
n-body in the world can seewhen i’m in the dark ducking out watching friends in the park when
it’s gonna start,
and if it goes off i’m gonna blow up and if i aint seen then you’re still gonna know it,
flava’s presence in the air,
from here to america from there to wherever,
identify never known people hink they’re clever,
cape crusader who goes there,
chicks wanna know but i don’t really care,
the end is near so have no ear,
so they ask us.

why do we fly so high,
flying through the sky,
just live your lives,
don’t mess with us.
why do we fly so high,
flying through the sky,
just live your lives,
don’t mess with us.

we are the riders riders,
come flash your lighters higher,
don’t retire,
entire worlds on fire,
we’re the riders,
we’re the fighters.
we are the riders riders,
come flash your lighters higher,
don’t retire,
entire worlds on fire,
we’re the riders,
we’re the fighters.

i’ve got split personalities,
in my mentalities,
one of me two of me japanese chinese,
so what do you reckon when you see me in my mask,
stopping criminal tasks i’m there i’m gone fast i’ll be watching you like a hawk,
you think i will stalk,
why people started to talk about what we do at night,
did we give you a fright when we were stopping that fight cause i stay out the light,
so reepa’s gonna stay on the street serve and protect can you feel the effect as i connect you
bet another bad guy locked up another one behind bars,
my crime stoppign rating i’m rated five stars,
so at the end of the dayz,
i can sit back and blaze another criminal down another criminal pays,
if you see us in the shadows bad guys beware, blazin’ don’t stop will arrest you there.

[repeat chorus]

i am a man that will win so spin,
burning down crime like the dust in the wind,
never coming till the lights go dim,
when freek comes through the streets they shout so loud ‘it’s him,’ help peoples -sses,
save people’s lives
jacking them digits and jacking then knives,
my kru’s blazin’ and we’re bringing them vibes,
like robin hood i get rid of bad guys,
coz man get smoked and man get jacked,
as i breeze through the street with the f on my back,
to attack with my sack never lack that’s the end of my rap and that is that.

reload it’s time to bust rhyme,
hit em when i bill em i’m busting and i’m robbing and i’m still never copying,
busting never trusting,
hit em wid da dust ting,
come mans what wanna swing,
i’m a bad man from down da down town,
who wanna check the sensational sound hit the ground got a bloodhound,
fangs so sharp they rip roar,
let him off the muzzle,
in a bit of trouble,
there goes your clic ha, ha, ha,
i’m a bad chatter,
about to chat fatter,
t-tom b no-one’s better,
getting kinda hotter tongue tied knotter,
selecta ta, ta, ta

[rocky b]
beanies they call me b rocka,
coz i rough up and hot up,
any top shotter,
tottenham, chingford all be da manors,
pettchy ten lt who’s nanger,
every man dem on the street,
wanna bang her,
if they do then rock b’s,
in da slammer,
juice my girl on da regular,
p-ss me my nokia,
blaze like a pro coz i’ve got pure stamina,
blaze hensey coz i don’t blaze amon nah,
man of steel i’m da gangster of lead,
blaze all night so my eyes blood red,
all dat cr-p you said going over my head,
i’ve let you live once not gonna do it again,
cause i’m da cat,
you’ll better stay clear of,
da cat bad mans be scared of.

[repeat chorus x5]

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