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lirik lagu killtron v2.1 – blind by midnight


in the uncertain times that await them
i have found why i’ve been brought to life
put a stop to the pain of existence
ending all of their sorrow and strife
snuffing out every star like a candle
ripping planets in half like a blade
i am a black hole of wanton destruction
finally the purpose for which i was made
just when i thought that life had lost all its meaning
futility grew far beyond something that i could bear
i was awakened by madness
breathing new life into the depth of despair
just when i thought that i was doomed to this prison
locked up left for dead doomed to merely exist
i learned the true meaning of bondage
to free them i must give them death as my gift

i am k!lltron, the scourge of the universe
you’ll never stop me, hatred everlasting

every sentient being will fear me
every creature will feel my wrath
there will be no escaping my fury
demolishing everything in my path
entire solar systems kneel before me
bathe in the blood that i spill
satellites crumbling in my glory
no celestial orbs left to k!ll
until a creature appears in the ether
red eyes approaching with haste as its shadow draws near
what sort of mockery is this
i ask but the oncoming darkness will show me no fear
and so i take up my weapons
and activate all the artillery that i posess
the apparition floats before me
takes a deep breath and in a familiar voice he says:

k!lltron; you’ve gone too far
k!lltron; i’ve come here to end this

i am k!lltron, the scourge of the universe
you’ll never stop me, hatred everlasting
i am k!lltron, destroyer of all that exists
will you join me, we will revel in nothingness

from his back he produces an axe made of crystal
and a shield of armor composed of the same
i dispatch both his weapons with nuclear fire
trigger my lasers, prepare to take aim
my cunning adversary unpalms a dagger
and buries it into my ribs to the hilt
my claws on his spine, taste his blood as it shatters
we hurtle through sp-ce toward an asteroid belt

k!lltron; you would k!ll your creator?
k!lltron; may you know your true power