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jackson - blo lyrics


(deuxe made this one)

feel like i got more problems
i’m in jail and i got people that still countin’ on me, i be wantin’ to solve ’em
i can’t watch it fall apart
got me home, sent me to prison, put me in a room full of sharks
judge ain’t got no lights for me, this time real dark
and the way you playin’ with me, another b*tch won’t get my heart
i let him in, you stayed with me, but my partner was a narc
they told me you can’t never reload, play your part
and i don’t feel the same, i didn’t love what i’ve become
and i don’t feel the same, this sh*t hit different, i’m countin’ up
came from a set of trenches, but over here, we call it slums
eatin’ all these different meals, me and my brother sharin’ a cot
bad b*tch, long legs, she crawlin’
she could be a ten and i still won’t hit the follow
yeah, her whole group of friends, i could get at all ’em
how you brag about the ten when that’s a quick mile run?
feel like you a b*tch in person
wonder how i’m higher than you, i’m on two different percs
most of my bros bang for pete, they need to free the church
you f*cked off, i f*cked your friend, and now your feelings hurt
don’t be mad at your ho ’cause she got me on a shirt, boy
put all the cookies inside the cabinet spot, just need a perc’ drawer
i stayed down and i went hard, i got what i worked for
stressin’ bad, in two hours, smoked a pack of newports
told my lil’ brother, “if you graduate, you can have a sportscar”
i can feel you, you not alone
girl, you not alone, i watched my n*ggas leave me too
told hunxho we need to chill, i hope he can see it too
still ain’t talked to molly, meech
seen a ho i f*cked before and couldn’t, i ain’t even speak
heard you said f*ck me in dekalb, can’t believe tyreek
play was dumb as h*ll, rubicon, we should’ve kept that jeep
without my percocets and your p*ssy, i can barely sleep
i can barely function
orange mclaren, these hoes heard i’m ridin’ in a pumpkin
i’m straight out lithonia, who the f*ck said somethin’ ’bout country?
sent me pictures in her panties, i responded, “i ain’t comin'”
i don’t even want the b*tch
i’m in jail with a knife, but i just had a switch
soon as sony sent my check, i told my mama quit
soon as sony sent my check, i said, “mom, we rich”
i said, “mom, we rich”

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