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dead freestyle - blokkathadead lyrics


pass it to the side
all alone i the coupe
n0body there
i was hoping it was you
f*ck it tho we ball
like lemelo on the loose
blokka wit tha choppa
and its pointed right at you
glock on my side, they all know i keep it tucked
what the f*ck, shut the f*ck up, p*ssy better duck
got a gun, yeah a big one
smile as i bust
556, 223 9mm dust
riding round all in my truck
got no f*ckin windows up
when i cruise right by, better know i keep it tucked
and im smooth on the beat
so smooth i might fly
give yo girl all the beats
no you wanna go and die
get blocked
get chopped
she a hoe
why you hot
therе’s no f*ckin pint in listen cuz you mad about a thot
sh*t i deservе a thank you
saved you from a app
she could’ve back doored you
i put it to a stop
at the end of the day yeah i roll solo
everyday the same and my mental so low
i don’t wanna talk b*tch i just wanna go
wanna go to sleep sh*t maybe ima float
b*tch get mad because i don’t wanna smoke
yeah her sh*t laced up, rather by it on my own
im the type of motherf*cker to tell you i wanna hang
then dip the last second cuz its funny as f*ck
b*tch f*ck you
and yo momma too
b*tch f*ck you
and yo daddy too
b*tch f*ck you
and yo doggy too
b*tch f*ck you
and yo p*ssy too

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