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lirik lagu silly billy (bonus) – blolcks


like los kogutos in cs:go
winning rap battles that’s for sure
me and my gang are on go
blol the goat yea that’s on god
c*cky, dworty they are just my clones
i can’t even call them bros anymore
100 * nil at the end that’s the score
keep going yea i’m still bored
just remember who created this discord
lyni writing lyrics, error 404
not even finished, already won this war

you’re cooked like a kfc burger
can’t see you getting bigger
this rap should be considered murder
raps so cold like it’s winter
small as plankton dumb as patrick
you should go see a psychiatric
yo takе a break check out mat trick
rap battle won all dеmocratic
just gotta tell you your career is at risk
in risk i k!ll everyone like undertale frisk

yea i said give me credit
all my raps are authentic
stealing lyrics thats a cheap trick
don’t expect it from anyone even rick and morty rick
what do you not get does it just not cl!ck?
i’m the puppet master i say sit you sit
i’m so real just admit you really should just quit
that was all at reubeng he hasnt got a diss yet
joining pensi3 will be your biggest regret
my rap abilities are still unmet yea
i’m a little silly billy yea
in the last minute made a milly yea
no doing no features i don’t need em yea
only fat man gets one but no one else

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