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lirik lagu werewolves night – blood thirsty demons


when the moon is full
and the dark has come
arm you with every tool
prepare yourself for gore…
in the werewolves night

it´s the son of nightmare
or the brother of cain
it´s running everywhere
it´s searching one to maim…
in the werewolves night

lord of moon
where are you?
his body is changing
hopeless lands
unlearned men
his power and wisdom will kill you

every night, everywhere
when your fear is full
a mighty monster come to you
with some thirst, some rage
you must run, you must die
you want to live, but now
i want your blood, your soul
tonight i´m coming

haunted hasty scream
in the werewolves night
if you a fighter seem
prepare yourself to fight…
in the werewolves night
i went from north lands
with my silver arrow
follow me, arm your hands
its power will grow
in the werewolves night