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lirik lagu 11428 e – blooodhound


the crowd erupted as word spread
this states most notorious defendant
was officially a convicted k!ller
she’s evil
and i love when evil people go down
i don’t want to hear of that woman ever again

and as the doors are cast open
the room mate goes and gets the key
they open up the door
and the light shining from the bathroom
is reflecting off
a blood pool
and one of the friends
goes in
and they follow this path
of bl**dy footprints
up until the shower
where they see
their friend
immediately on the 911 call
the friends are saying

[dispatch: june 9, 2008 * female]
oh my god
911 emergency
this is [?] with a transfer
she’s calling from 11428
ma’am is that correct
okay what’s going on?
what’s going on
um a friend of ours is in his bedroom
we hadn’t heard from him for a while
we think he’s dead
his roommate just went in there

[dispatch: june 9, 2008 * male]
he is
he’s dead
he’s in his bedroom
in the shower
how did this happen do you have any idea?
no we have no idea
everyone’s been wondering about him for
okay well she said that there was blood so
is it coming from his head?
did he cut his…
it’s all over the place

[dispatch: june 9, 2008 * female]
you’re a good friend of…
of travis’ right?
yes i am
okay (yea)
has he been depressed at all? (yea)
thinking about committing suicide anything like that?
um i don’t think he’s been thinking to commit suicide
he’s been really depressed because he uh
broke up with this girl
she said that there was blood so
he was all upset about that but
i don’t think he would actually k!ll himself over that
and do you know the ex*girlfriend’s name?
um i didn’t go in but from what i heard
his roommate went in there’s blood
in his bedroom
behind the door
uh and then they went in the bathroom
in his shower

[dispatch: june 9, 2008 * female]
following him and slashing tyres and things like that
and do you know the ex*girlfriend’s name?
whats his ex*girlfriend’s name?
out there
her name is jodi
um i don’t know if he’s ever reported
hold on
ask her if he’s ever reported jodi’s behaviour
if travis has
no he hasn’t reported anything about jodi’s behaviour

[outro: jodi arias]
i think in a sense the words “i’m sorry” just seem
especially since n0body believes what i’m saying anyway
but i’ll never be able to make up for what i did
and i can never replace their loss

and as the doors are cast open (cos it’s like, it’s like black)
what i see (it is, ready)
inside is where we discover
the key
and as the doors are cast open (that’s why i show him)
what i see (it’s crazy)
inside is where we discover
the key that unlocks this whole case

911 what is the address of your emergency
he’s completely out
what do we do?
what do we do?
okay stay on the phone with me okay
keep the baby between the mother’s legs
be sure the chord is not wrapped around the baby’s neck
okay get the chord away from the baby’s necks
alright just be sure
i can hear the ambulance
you guys did a great job okay
thank you
alright you’re welcome you did great
alright ima let you go with the
be with the paramedics okay
alright congratulations