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lirik lagu 52 – blue november


this that shit that you cannot play at your mothers house
creating storms head for cover when the thunders out
the needle’s failing and i need some fixing
apply a vixen on top of the d-ck for ammunition
i rip shit, dom’s hitting kickflips, vindictive
solis acting soulless yes that kid will catch you slipping
like “what you repping”? it ain’t left don’t even speak no i will not respect it
unify in peace but on the beats i’m serving fades
nigga get one, soundcloud rappers be the victims
fucking sitcoms, with the rifle like it’s socom
but yet i’m so calm, i bet that neck hurt
from bobbing it to the sounds of this pressure
i’m jumping every border motherfucker call me hector
throwing hexes at your sweatshirt, no one is fresher
need a refresher, i rule the game without a measure
or a ruler, this is lightwork despite the expert
a network of niggas trying to gain the best perks
blunts cloud my vision cause the smoke is what i insert
hating niggas deep down want to be me
no competition like they motherfucking king’d me