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lirik lagu ginger red – bobbalam & ughrome


(wake up, f1lthy)
i’m workin’ on dyin’

water on me, it look like fiji
[?], wanna be me
(lil boy why do you even talk to me?)
baby i don’t even know how i found you
heard that she want me, but i cannot date (yeah)
she said she want songs, but i can’t take it further
’cause if i take it further, baby, you gon’ wanna murder me
yeah, she said that’s she was [?], n*gga well, you never heard of me
well you coulda kept it going, yeah, i flirt with you, you flirt with me
i don’t want you recording me, the opps is lookin out for me
and if i [?], yeah, all thеse p*ssy n*ggas feds
oh my god [?], i f*ck thesе hoes [?]
everyone listenin’ (yeah), everyone look around
baby you was never cuffing me (yeah), it was the other way around
when i’m textin’ you, you textin’ me, so i don’t gotta waste my time
yeah, i don’t wanna wait my turn, say f*ck a hoe, can’t wait in line
when i just be f*ckin’ you, lil’ baby, you be makin sounds
and after i’m done f*ckin’ you, lil’ baby, we go another round
i know this flow will never stop, ’cause this that flow that never end
i got ginger red that’s in my cup, no i ain’t talkin’ bobbalam
she said that she f*ck with me, i told her “i dont give a d*mn”
i don’t like to know these n*ggas, ’cause these p*ssy n*ggas fraud
i told my gang we goin up, ’cause when we up we always win
and when [?], the way they runnin around
you don’t get no money n*gga, how about you go and get some bread
swear this b*tch a demon, ’cause this hoe always committin’ sins
these n*ggas so fake [?]
her p*ssy so wet it got on me yeah i switched up the [?]
oh sh*t, it’s the opps, yeah turn the corner, then go hop the fence
i don’t gotta struggle, a young n*gga just hopped in a benz
yeah, i be makin’ money, you n*ggas better not make it funny
n*ggas think its funny ’till they gon’ get hit up with this rifle
she said “[?] please pick up your phone”, i said “sorry, i was in my zone”
they gon’ [?], i said i love b*tches [in a raf?]
[?], you did deceive me
asked her “what you think of me?”, you turned into houdini
that lil’ b*tch a demon, [?]