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lirik lagu 4422 freestyle – bobby g


started slipping, started tripping, started dipping, started
started shifting towards finishing last
started sipping, wishing, sh-t i miss the run that we had
started gripping myself together for the months after that
started not giving a f-ck who started
started lying i’m fine while i’m really dying every time when you brought up. like
bottling feelings, till the sh-t feel like a molotov
now i throw it all in the open dawg, y’all know it’s fire
swear i’m just sick and tired
way people switch and lie to
get some attention, man i guess that’s just how sh-t is wired
out here getting high, or out getting hired
swear they gon’ always treat you different in business attire
sh-t you done took it too far again
took it abroad felt like i came back a foreign man
formed plan, i don’t need y’all looking out for me
since a youngin’ y’all been down for me, i know
relationship goals started taking their toll
she told me i fail to keep up with the way that she roll
guess it’s true what they say about the glitter and gold
i said start acting your age you ain’t playing your role
right, it’s alright tho’
just don’t bait man, i’ll go psycho
i’m nice but i’m quite cold
remember momma’s whip to yo’ town
i go, different places these days, one-fifty on the freeway
my mind dozed off to sh-t i still think of each day
used to browse sh-t i’d never buy on eastbay
youtube vids comparing rip offs of of ebay
you loved me different, back then i was the least paid
i was told the ones who curve you will never be straight
you told me stop wasting time, when tryna’ find my niché
enough with the clichés now
i finally found it
o-sevens started speaking now they know we all bout’ it, yeah
your new man, ain’t a knight, hope those signs are felt
had to tell me get lost for me to find myself
now every time they say my name sounds like a cry for help
remember last year i was drowning now i’m michael phelps
gold on me, thank my sis for when she told on me
kept me in line and never let roads get a hold of me
and now the future looking so lovely
was near depressed when hip hop started to grow on me
things change, feelings change, people too
but the plans never changed i’ma see it through
clear minded since a youngin, they were near sighted
with my peers rhyming, in dj premier cyphers

let’s just run with it man