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lirik lagu getting there – bobby hofer


i once drove three hundred miles
to see a girl that didn’t love me
in a rusted bucket of bolts gas gauge on “e”
i didn’t listen what momma, poppa had to say
i was crazy in love, broke, but going anyway
i was getting there
once gave a ten dollar bill for some beer to a homeless guy
said mister keep the change but
get me six cans of natural light
me and becky drank three a piece beneath the
sports*plex stairs
she asked if i was drunk enough to do another dare
i was getting therе

i’m not the man i was when i was twenty
i’vе learned from my mistakes and
grown up plenty
i’m not quite the man who gives a rip and cares
but i’m getting there

i went to spring break panama city in two thousand and eight
wasn’t old enough to get into the bar
but i had a fake
next thing you know i was up doin
body shots on the bar
bouncer walked up and asked me
son, have you gone too far?
i was getting there
everybody has to go and find their own way
of being young and dumb and full of fun
it’s the coming of age
it’s the do’s and don’ts, the rights and wrongs
to making peace with the man upstairs

i’ve settled down now you’d think i’ve finally got it made
got a wife and some kids and a baby on the way
she yells at me when i don’t take off the trash
she asks me am i ever gonna get off my…
but i’m getting there

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