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lirik lagu double standard – bodyjar


we came to see you yesterday
your car was gone but that’s ok
we thought that she might bring you back in time
but i don’t know

i can’t figure it out and i don’t understand
you haven’t got room and you don’t give a d-mn
you’re cutting us out, you don’t need anyone
we thought that you might have needed someone

did you ever realise we were your friends
aah i never needed you to say goodbye
for some reason i feel like making amends with you
and i will try to tell you one more time

what can i say, what can i try
but i already worked out why
you’re all alone too scared to leave,
you cut us out

i can’t say any lies, i can’t give anymore
and this has happened twice before
just open your eyes, you can’t do it again
i know that you will, it’ll hurt the same way

i know you need it but it hurts too much to try
you need a reason, you’re too blind to know what’s right

now that you’ve gone, we’ll talk someday
i know that you’ll be the same one day
your painted lies, your false disguise
your double standards