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lirik lagu the end of me – bogii


“who is one to say whether either choice is applicable?”

[verse 1]
listen, i have never meant to be rude
but you’ve been getting our relationship a tad bit misconstrued
and i’ve been noticing a familiarity that you haven’t earned
so let me provide a bit of clarity to repeal the yearn
now i’ve been wanting to take these tasks to turn
and i acknowledge there’s no comeuppance for the bridges i burn
but my issue with thе embodiment of your admonishment
is thе hypocritical residuals dripping off the accomplishment
look, you’ve been f*cking bugging me since day one
your presence got me leaning hemingway for the bas*m*nt fun
your voice got me dazai, jumping in the water
akutagawa, when i hear about your work
i’ll be crushing pill to powder, out within an hour
watch the rothko value over*shadow and then tower
cause you talk a lotta sh*t about the grapes turned sour
but yet you stick around for the wine, breathe in the shower
wilted flower

give a f*ck about a
can’t vibe with a
can’t ride with a
can’t die with a

[verse 2]
hit em’ with a no, even so, they will never go
they’ll never take a hint, they’ll never quit, almost mythical
i’m jumping through the window, running for the pinto
just to put some sp*ce between, i mean, interest is way low
yo, don’t you know that i’m the devil?
a poor soul that bought into the rock rebel?
so maybe try to train to not talk with a bevel
is the only way you learn when the judge bangs the gavel?
it’s the way you serpentine, never pay for anything
you only play the greens, by any means, you remain unseen
shame, that they’ll never learn
“gain” is the settled term
rain on your parade is a day you somehow usurped
i guess you figured fame is for the birds
so you triggered games to strike a nerve
take a hike, they’re just words
as i much as i take pride in gods green earth
do i admire your so called “work”

give a f*ck about a
can’t vibe with a
can’t ride with a
can’t die with a

you’ve been walking through my mind toll free
and though i’ve never had an enemy
what you do to me with your energy
it’ll be the end of me
i’ve got to make the voices stop
do you mind if i do that?
do you mind do you mind do you min do you mind (crush and gain)
[verse 3]
look, han: i’m coming to finish what you started
it is not my problem you got more than for what you bartered
you’ve been dumping your problems thinking they’ve faltered
this “holier than thou” routine is in the water
so hide behind your smoke and mirrors
make me out to be the one that is known to jeer, or
maybe this’ll be your final appearance
you’ve been in the aisle on clearance
a stand still with no interference
ayn rand*will is why you should fear it

rabble rouser, i grapple towers to pull down
battle powers, these addled cowards afraid to call vows
blinding yellow, there frightened fellows are furtive vermin
i’m calling for curtains, first cursing them worse than “eff” by burnham
why’d i ever hope you’d ever take the hint?
i knew that shy is never how your signals sent
but i’d be lying if i said that i had never spent a single cent
to figure out how to get you to get bent

give a f*ck about a
can’t vibe with a
can’t ride with a
can’t die with a

garbage in, garbage out, and you are what you eat
so this assh0l* finally reaching for his peak

“end of act one”