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lirik lagu 1nce in a dream – bomshot


[verse one]
it’s a f*cking life tryna survive thru gun fights
with one knife living in the dark with no sunlight
in these last days where shooter gets bust
in this dog eat dog world, it’s like who do you trust?
plus this rap game ain’t even paying me sh*t
and i been doing this so long that i’m about to quit
i have my pride, ran up in dudes crib just to survive
collecting ssi flip, bags on the side
i was surprised when i found out wifey got my kid
than these f*cking punk f*ggots went to shot up my crib
on top of that these b*tches wanna set me up
wet me up, just so they can get my stuff
they’ve tried, i guеss i’m lucky just to be alive
got stabbed sеven times and i still survived
eyes open wide, my moms committed suicide
tired of these lies, son, i cried when she died
sometimes i sit and wonder if i get shot in the end
and when i think about it feels like i ain’t got no friends
can’t k!ll myself, life’s about getting the wealth
and can’t get no help, sometimes i wanna k!ll myself
[verse two]
now is like a brand new life
i got a healthy baby boy
threw a baby shower family and got a plenty of toys
getting paid g’s just to go on tour
even went to amsterdam and saw the whole wide world
told my wife in overseas said you have to see it
let’s just leave this place
and we made plans to move to egypt
my fanbase is growing and starting to make a profit
my mixtape just dropped kid, and everybody copped it
final single on the shelve with agallah, verbal city
it’s like everywhere i go i got the key to the city
eating healthy and reading books makes a man more strong
and building with islam you know you can’t go wrong
just tryna get this paper and keep my head on right
put together a bio and started my own website
now i’m much more mature and left the streets alone
even though that’s where i was raised it still feels like home
got some loot up and put another car on the road
antic*p*tion is like waiting for a star to explode
seems like almost yesterday felt like the end of the world
tryna raise my son right, my best friend is my girl
looking back in life’s lesson and all the pain it brings
and if i had to do it again i wouldn’t change a thing
and to think someone was out to k!ll my team
now i’m on the road to success tryna fulfill my dreams