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lirik lagu bone bone bone – bone thugs n harmony


who be the n-gg-s that’s sneakin’ the pistol up in the party
drinkin’ that 151 bacardi
drunk and finna f-ck up somebody… (bone thugs)
keepin’ it realer than real in the field
n-gg-s that’s packin’ that steel
who be the n-gg-s that soldover 30 million strong… (bone thugs)
who be the n-gg-s in black
who be the n-gg-s with straps
who be the n-gg-s that’s bustin’ back at the got-d-mned law… (bone thugs)
who be the n-gg-s that “crept on ah comeup” and did it eazy
who be the n-gg-s that’s daily got down foe they thang leadin’
cleveland… (bone thugs)
smokin’ the weed or the fever, the reefer
that keep em a pot of the sweetest cheeba
n-gg- y’all…
y’all know who that is… (bone thugs)
them n-gg-s that sing, them n-gg-s that rap
they got everybody tryin’ to do that
f-ck recognize, n-gg- ya better respect, who…who…who… (bone thugs)
i told these n-gg-s that bone is the sh-t
so keep on rollin ya spliff
and smoke a blunt to this sh-t… (bone thugs)…

who was the n-gg-s that thugged in the streets, number one on the charts
and who was the n-gg-s that’s pullin’ ya card
the n-gg-s that show we got nothin’ but heart…(bone thugs)
now who was the n-gg-s that come to my side when its about murder
my n-gg-s…my n-gg-s’ll hurt ya
ya better believe it, we comin’ to serve ya… (bone thugs)
we be them n-gg-s foe life
mentality tight, doin’ what we like
now who was them n-gg-s that told ya to get down foe ya rights… (bone thugs)
now who be the n-gg-s that step in the club makin’ everyting pause
so fresh, so clean, no flaws
who be the rawest clique you done saw… (bone thugs)
d-mned right, we keep it original out fo’ the door
we hit ’em up quick with a flip flow flow and then we introduce you to
mo!… (bone thugs)
the n-gg-s that reignin’ supreme
hustled to conquer our dream, dream
forever untouchable team
what n-gg-s be out here gettin this cream… (bone thugs)
blowin’ green, roll thru the hood, glock c-cked on safety
and who be the n-gg-s that knew you was fake
but stayin’ away form y’all lately… (bone thugs)
li’l layzie be that n-gg- that’s statin’ them facts
and you cn put this on stack
’cause m-th-f-cka we back…

bone bone bone bone bone bone bone, bone bone bone bone bone bone bone
(hey yo!)

who be the n-gg-s that thug in the back of the club
ready to scr-p, n-gg- buck, n-gg- what
who be the n-gg-s that check ya, disrespect ya…(bone thugs)
who be the n-gg-s that wanna maintain
and do them thug thang
but if disrespected who gon let it bang… (bone thugs)
who was the n-gg-s we rushed
who was the n-gg-s that talk about us
who was the n-gg- that say that the thugsta mentality
better him than us… (bone thugs)
bone thugs, finally let loose
total control, whose business is it anyway… (bone thugs)
gotta life
better leave it alone
been supressed too long
now that we out on our own
ya gotta see the free bone… (bone thugs)
who be the n-gg-s that come in anybody hood and striaght kick it
who be the n-gg-s that always got that weed, the drink, and dyme b-tches
i’m tired of hearin’ “what happened to us?”
“when will we hear a bone bust?”
who be the n-gg-s that’s bringin’ that thuggish ruggish no matter what…
(bone thugs) believe we nothin’ but truth
what would the game do
without you know who
n-gg-s that say and do what they want to… (bone thugs)…

this rap game terror
money, murda mo, and allt hat good sh-t
scandalous n-gg-s, respect this… (bone thugs)
ask about my… 20 inch deep dish rims
son of a chicken, it ain’t no friends
when it come to the end… (bone thugs)
and i’ma say word to gangstas
real killers with money to burn
sayin we a lost cause, foster kids-preach the world… (bone thugs)
thank god that i had a father
i’m pushed in that coco with my sister
when i was 14 like cancer victims… (bone thugs)
uh huh
cause haters they get quarantined
women they comin’ with sorcery
i’m livn’ with curses, smokin wed… (bone thugs
burn me
don’t bury me
hurry ‘fore my momma see me
somebody call johnnie cochran
some n-gg-s they wanna be biggie
some n-gg-s they wanna be pac
but i just wanna be bizzy
as soon as they hear me??
like richard sim-mi
don’t run away, where’s your nuts at
it’s the original hydro smokers, somebody bust that
trust that, what’s packin’… (bone thugs)