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lirik lagu 404error – bones


always talk about money like it mean something you way too funny
hope you get it in abundance spend it like you want it
go and tell me how you does it
salute me r.i.p. stack bundles
see me play now they calling for a huddle
i dont fight i dont get into a tussle
i don’t ever gotta flex no muscle
adrenaline running around my tracks
no don’t tell bones to relax
my feet up reclining rewinding to the day that we scr-pped that cab
3 am snow on the gr-ss, 3:06 we made them tracks
don’t know how we made it back its a fact that all i know’s a regretful past

[bridge (2x)]
frostbite cover my hands up to my face i dont feel a thing

sitting in the back seat, where we goin’?
i can’t recognize one face anymore
i don’t know no one everything foreign
f-ck it all somebody help me out