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lirik lagu 1am (feat. simi) – boogey feat. simi


my dreams
all about to wake up
the feels
and am about to break up
i know say my someday e don finally come
e don finally come
are you ready (2ce)
1 (boogey)
no noise static in 1am
one mum from a distance mum praying
and dad responding
with am in lagos staying abg
am not speaking am mad at something
but i can hear him
ever since the boy been to morocco he felt like i was near him
preparing fearing the final paper
but am back after grad
time to find the paper chill
three years gone bye that they hold me back
god bless everyone that
call me back up
if you trynna hold on hold up back
cause i gat back up
y’all gat me
every time i fell
i get back up
had burst in another land
came back to the motherland
square one
hey rockie is scared run to we church and pray
but i fear non
i’ve broken in the game too many times
but every time i was eleven i had a spare one
on the dug with this
and an army
on the dug and the underground six
but i came out on top
and n-body that can lead david o the underground six feet deep
am digging myself out
see the bigs deep hit
off that a
i remember thursday april 28 2011
after telling dad that i gat to move to fashola estate to be selling rap
he said you’ve come a long way since 86 and i put it in speech that heavenly storm will make you rich
don’t do drugs
just pray and stay the safest
my dreams
all about to wake up
its a been a long time comin…g
i feel it
and am about to break up
i know say my someday e don finally come
e don finally come
are you ready (2ce)
2 (boogy)
don’t sleep with the right when the night p-ss
so b-tch n-gg-s might fit in the
the ice and ott endorsed by the ogc
well some of. em begin the probs and the rest lowkey speak
in the back of the sneeze like
oh he’s deep
a little too deep for the market
take that word market
it would never hit where the stars h-t
in his own league as an artiste
gotta get a visa and can’t get the foreign fan base
you can kiss an -ss lick it that b-tt like they all did
am indulging moral handshakes
so much drive i ignore the d-mn brakes
listen to the radio
know what that should be me voice
voice in me saying david you have to believe it
you experience gat you for the next period
the beginning
birth of my ability and other rappers
first of a new breed
you can see the new guy holding
should i
write suicide notes ah
and n-body safe
napoleon annihilate a man with bombs
am becoming vindicative
set it
when revenge is gone
why do you break up the fine music
cause my limit is way past the sky stupid
did your cl-ss give you where you see me on now
am off this
me me on now
hey am miles ahead of my maybes
i’ve been through them stages
i’ve been to many places
now i know enough places
you see say they can’t dodge the change
yeee… yeee yeee yeee
be afraid (2ce)
they can’t stop the saying
am about to wake up
its been a long time coming
i feel it
and am about to break up
i know say my someday e don finally come
e don finally come
are you read…y (3ce)