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lirik lagu 50:50 (live) – booty&thekidd


verse 1: booty

two b-boys getting with it
we’re gonna split it 50:50
you’ll never see us getting twisted
while wearing a 50 fitted
if you come see us in the city
afterward we’ll get you lifted
if i’m not enunciating clearly
don’t let your att-tude be shifted
by batting average, lifted
after every measure
steady pressure
pressing like the b-ss to the wall
neighbors acting boogie
having booty adjust the balance
while the wall is playing
my sour soul is saying
with every dream it seems
as if we’re staying still
playing still
cause we’re not worried at all
window sills with coffee stains
cause we’ve been running since fall
with something to prove
not been clued into news
the weather report is what’s important
and takin a look at the view
while gathering up recording
cause i’ve had it up to here with what
i’m hearing
i’m steering wth little to no direction
but i’m staying in my lane
my eyes are on my reflection
please grant me an extension
i found a window to time
can never find enough
these lines are mine
and at my discretion
i’m holding in my regression
stressing about the tension questioning sentiment of sentences
pressing cause we’re better than this
everything i did for me even when i was sunk in sess
i was also in for you

verse 2: thekidd

fake license on the dresser and four bics on the floor
you’re looking at me like it’s a stressor
like you don’t know me no more
hit the door
hit the exit
get all dolled up for nothing
just don’t give up on that best sh-t cause it could still mean something
if it’s needed to
and i know that it does
you hurt how i hurt and baby i’ve been breaking my lungs
i can’t replace with a buzz
but i’ve been getting into that heavier sh-t
hit our generation like that smack
and i’ve been getting free bars of it lately
it’s just a phase and i’m not letting it phase me
you can see it in my gaze please pray
that these days don’t play me, lord
i faked all our conversations
do people really get saved
or is that sh-t just exaggeration
cause it feels like it
i hit record until it feels right
i dance cause it feels light
are you coming out with us tonight?
cause you should
the times are good, sh-t, better than ever
you can feel it getting warmer outside
it’s even coming in with the weather
i’m feeling light as a feather
i mean i’ve been smoking all evening
you had a feeling that i might be but my demeanors deceiving
my demons yelling fight me i gotta lead but i’m leaving
goodbyes like i’m from dublin
wishing that i wasn’t so misleading to you