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lirik lagu 064 boyz – boss top



[hook: boss top]
slide on your block, that 30 gone spark and smoke your top
slide in a jag with a mac in the back folk dreaded up
when we run up on you ain’t no letting up
b-tch we 064 boy don’t play with us
n-gg-s ain’t on shit, got they 30’s tucked
when we ride two seater f-ck n-gg- we thirty’d up
way we pourin’ lean ain’t no waking up
you ain’t making noise, you can’t hang with us

[verse 1: boss top]
slide in a range, the gleesh go bang and change you up
way we blow these b-tches, ain’t no waking up
n-gg-s ain’t on shit, they be switching up
word he got that guap, i’mma stick him up
i just popped a bean, now i’m beamin’ up
i be off the lean, i be reefer’d up
i stay with the nickel, i be gleesha’d up
i stay in the foreign we be thirty’d up
and we ain’t no [?]
and i keep them rolls up in my pockets
f-ck twitter beef, n-gg-s know what’s up
i be on my block, i ain’t worried but none


[verse 2: boss top]
f-ck around gang these rap n-gg-‘s claim, they lame as f-ck
n-gg-‘s ain’t gang, we slide to them shows and blaze it up
yeah you got that guap and i’m taking some
tweeting like i’m dead, like i’m scared or some
got a lot of 30’s and got a lot of drums
[?] gang gang’d on
steady droppin’ deuces til my body numbs
smoke a lot of dope, i f-cked up my lungs
if i don’t trust my bros, i can’t trust no one
sneak dissing n-gg-s, better keep they guns
n-gg-‘s running they mouth, boy don’t get slumped
i don’t drink at all, you won’t catch me drunk
in the field it’s real, so don’t [?]