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lirik lagu money in the way – bow wow


[verse 1] (bow wow)
fresh from the dealer ship i cop three phantoms
millionaire shades keep ya boy so handsome
don’t hate see i played with the cards i was dealt with
i’m all about my green like i ball for the celtics
two hundreds g’s to watch the shepar shine
and the watch face blue likes a new york giant
and no commercial trapping homie when i take my trips
ya chick shops at the mall mines own her kicks
see these other n-gg-s doing it but not like me
it aint a team in the league that who can out ball me
my money tall like yao ming yours short like jd
i live with one modo that’s f-ck you pay me
pills berry boy i’m about mine dough
crib so big you’ll get lost like the tv show
still black card spending shopping habits is reckless
walk in neiman marcus, where the polo section?

money in the way (m-money in the way)
money in the way (m-money in the way)
money in the way (m-money in the way)
and i cant see cause its money in the way (i cant see)

[verse 2] (lil’ wayne)
i’m getting payed that’s all i have to say
can’t see you lil n-gg-s cause the money in the way
cause i chase that money like that dog chase the bunny
got that wet candy paint, got my car looking yummy
only smoke the best weed most of yall looking buffy
like the vampire slayer put it in the ayer
i swear, i get head like mayors
and i can do anything to her but pay her
ha ha now say m-o-b
i make a whole lot of money, i’m ma spend on me
that’s how i be
i aint talking bout no insects or nothing
but i must be fly cause your b-tch bugging
good-looking rapper, but your b-tch ugly
you need to trade that hoe like kobe or something
ha i don’t play
you can never get to me because the money in the way


[verse 3] (bow wow)
when it comes to the guap please believe i get it (cash)
my paint so wet look like you’ve been swimming
money so thick, a n-gg- can’t even fold it
so much money that the bank can’t hold it
mr. make it rain my dough so insane
i’m all about the cream but i’m not in wu-tang
got a chick in dc and she a pretty young thing
and like the candy bar errday a payday
i aint got no money, i got all money
i’m still spending scream tour and like mike money
ha aint that funny?
you aint saying sh-t
i was only fourteen when i made the forbes list
and the word…broke aint in my vocabulary (naw)
my chain so heavy, icey like breadski
call me blind cause i can’t see nothing
all this money in the way
a n-gg- best to get to shoveling


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