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lirik lagu death chamber – boy froot


[boy froot]
welcome to my death chamber
watch out for all the dark strangers
if ya turn your back, you’ll get jacked
thrown into the back of my black caddilac
but not before i get ya slapped with the b-tt of my gat
your face’ll look wack, but i guess that’s just that
and you’ll get smacked if ya talk back
give ya -ss an anxiety attack, jack
i sure could use a snack but i think i’ll just yak
but i’d rather hit the sack then worry about the dishes in the rack

yeah i hear you, ‘cept that you see-through
you’d be amazed at what i can make my hands do
risin’ like the sea level
poundin’ on ya beach pebbles
got ya nuts in a vice grip, insert the icepick
listen to these absurdities while you tryin ta get a bead on me
i’m movin’ too fast? go ahead and take a seat homie
cuz this my torture chamber
when the chains around ya neck, you know that you in danger
i won’t be leavin’ here bitter
cuz when i melt ya flesh off i feel a little better
i got pigs for disposal
all i gotta do is hit my crew on the mobile

[boy froot]
that’s right we goin’ global
fightin’ bulls and doin that pasa doble
it’s a ballroom dance so take a chance
snort some molly, fall into a trance
i’m tellin you in advance
things ain’t what they seem at first glance
y’all stupid n-ggas prolly don’t even know the capital of france
if you were on stage you’d prolly just pee ya pants
and i dig the instrumental after i use the sound enhance
but i don’t put steroids in my body like lance
and i pop a couple shots off before i get my rocks off
but not before i take my f-ckin’ socks off