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lirik lagu repo$e$ion$ – boy froot


[dj professor k]
the station that’s so smooth, your ears won’t even know what hit em

[boy froot]
what what? boy froot keiki comin at ya raw

all my thoughts are repressed, never thought i’d be blessed
to take the acid test, add another drug to my chest
and now i’m under arrest, and gettin’ all stressed
and i feel like i’m possessed, gotta k!ll this pest
gotta bullet proof vest strapped to my chest
and i won’t be at rest til i take out the wasps next
go ahead and watch it, you will never stop this
stop this stop this stop this stop this
i’m the boss in the scene, like bossanova, know what i mean?
i been doin’ this since i was 16
behind the smoke screen wit a bag of green
and a whole lotta st–z, i’m a motherf-ckin’ swag machine
and i make the b-tches scream if they p-ssy clean
and i make the b-tches cream if they p-ssy clean

uh check
no one’s countin’ the number of my b-tches
cuz i always leave the old ones swimmin’ with the fishes
keiki d-ck in this, gonna wreck the whole system
cruel and brutal gettin’ all up in that r-ct-m
eatin’ caps til i see the full spectrum
burn ya house down, b-tch, what were you expectin’?
everywhere i walk, got flames at my feet
so when i get to steppin’, n-ggas feelin heat
yo i’m the boss that can’t be beat
no treasure chest here just a bucket fulla skeet
betta recognize where i’m comin at these beats from
scary dark place, but it ain’t from the streets, son
you can find it too deep in your heart
you were once a kid too but all you did was fart