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lirik lagu lighter – ​​boyhood.


[verse 1]
wrote down
“i think i’m feeling lighter”
i’m one and the same
laid down
but now i don’t think i like it

[chorus 1]
but you’re so lovely
buying a round
spinning me out
and that’s fine
you’re so lovely
i’m in your way
what a shame
run me down

[verse 2]
a fever pitch
i’d like that
wanted to change
laid down
but i don’t have my fight back
[chorus 2]
you’re so lovely
i’m running away when i wanna stay
and fight my mind
you’re so lovely
steering the car
is it always this hard to feel fine?
you’re so lovely
pinning me down
room spinning around, i’m laid flat
you’re so lovely
it’ll tear me apart
head over heart
i know that

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