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lirik lagu 19 freestyle – brady, the poet


19 freestyle, might be in denial
flowing on this sh*t like the waters in the nile
brady p, i got bars you won’t believe child
i just dropped this b*tch, now i call that b*tch senile

and you can call me the great one
dwayne the rock sh*t, i rock nations, jay pun
have a seat or take one
class is now in session, better listen, pay attention

in search of my true will
on some floyd sh*t if i don’t beat this beat, who will?
pop 2 pills, 2 tabs have me off my ass
livin life, for the thrill, grab a match, have a blast

colder than the winter up in winnipeg
i’m finna hit the wither and disintegrate
40 degree flow, temperature in centigrade
punk like phil, will k!ll em with a fusillade

through the gates, satan’s son
tooth decayed, brain is f*cked
loosely getting payed getting played in your favourite club

know what i’m saying bruv?