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lirik lagu 4 ritalo (grow) – brandon crawford


d-d-d-d dj beefstick

[hook: brandon crawford]
4 ritalo, got it from the drawer
chilling with my guys, we get tranquilized
nowhere to go, i’m just tryna grow
you like pesticide, you weakening the vibe

[verse one: brandon crawford]
broke and deprived (yeah)
stoked out my mind
i done been both sides
i done been low high
rest in peace aunt denise
hope you found peace
she chose to leave
couldn’t balance on the beam
so it goes
thats just how it goes
put myself through a lot
i done took a lot of blows
i done lived a lot of lies
hurt the ones that’s always close
but thats just how it goes yeah
thats just how it goes

[verse two: brandon crawford]
fought my sadness
got on track and ran my fastest
(ran my fastest)

got off the addy, off the can
was awfully manic
(awfully manic)

and that’s the past
but often i get lost in that sh-t
(lost in that sh-t)

this dude the cutest
do i gotta prove it to ya?
i’m through with losers
i gotta say deuces to ya
and these p-ss-es lame
i ain’t even alludin’ to ya
i do my duties
every move a new manuever

[bridge: brandon crawford]
4 ritalo (and maine high, and maine high, oh)

and i know it is my time right now
i took 4 ritalos i’m at my height right now
and i know it is my time right now
i got two songs so you cannot bite my style

[verse three: love gabe]
4 melato
sleeping on my flow
i dont pop pills, but i keep diziamond round my throat

emrald in the mo’
sun and moon at night