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lirik lagu northside natives – brandon_tade & detox


[verse 1] brandon_tade

vintage my fit, got a whole lotta bands
she popping the p*ssy, she love when i dance
high just like bonjour, we not in the france
f*ck on his b*tch got him feeling embarrassed
oh no, there she go again
spilling the cup up that numb up my pain
this is the sh*t that come up in my brain
late knights like “oh boy that come up insane!”
i’m on that gas, my hand on her ass
i’m finna relax, pop me a tab, ooh
i’m tripping again, call me a cab
i’m in the back, the back of back
writing my lyrics like i’m in the lab
pop me a pill i be bumping to nav
birds in the trap like i’m featuring trav, ooh
this is that cold sh*t, empty the clip and they all hit!
got a bad little b*tch trynna call me, her n*gga but mission aborted, huh!
northside native all of my n*ggas are street, running the streets
running for so long it f*cked up my cleats
roll up the dank and i need about 3! (sheece!)

[verse 2] detox

get out the way when i’m coming through
foot on the gas ain’t no stopping me huh
hop on the beat and we drop a dime
if you switch up they think opposite
n*ggas be thinking they tough
n*ggas be talking that talk
talking that talk is oblivious
oh my gawd it’s hilarious
ha ha ha ha ha woah!
i didn’t like that she was feeling like gold
told her do better, she bragging, like woah
so you made me make you feel like you’re more
look now they traumatized
f*ck it i roll the dice
take up the major side
k!ll it no homicide
breaking their backs then i modernize
walk in my shoes man that’s suicide
tables turned seen your eyes on my plate
when i serve check the print on my plate
bagging dollar i don’t f*ck with the rate
whole lotta juice i got crates
ain’t no real n*gga gon’ break
only fake n*ggas do break
i don’t know what more to say