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lirik lagu 12th a man, 4th meal – braver


i got so worked up that when you stayed your touch
i said i see i said to myself* what’s the rush? we will stay in touch
like a trigger finger poised, not alive until there’s noise
i slowly suffocate this trend by playing with my toys

bringing back the boys. feeling so annoyed
by everything, everyone, and all the noise
how could you tell? i’ve got that secret swell filling in my chest
and at my best, i’m not myself, but still no one else

holding back the boy, taking away his toys
back turned and playing coy, i don’t feel sorry for the one
that’s still looking for the door, won’t feed you anymore
if you want my blood so bad, look me in the eye and ask for more

i’m still so worked up because i’ve had enough
of twisting in my chest the things i’ve kept all to myself
blamed on someone else. i’ve got a way to tell
a smile from a lie and bone from sh*ll