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lirik lagu count me in – brendon walmsley


count me in i’m ready
i know this train is heading
to a better place a way up in the sky
all aboard for glory
hallelujah home on high

lost alone and looking for the answers
i was too afraid to find
leave it all for later was the way i travelled
down this railway line
i saw the light at the end of the tunnel
made me change my mind
took the invitation not to miss the destination
i won’t be left behind

repeat chorus

down the mountain through the shady valley
‘cross the river deep and wide
when the worries of the world are over
i’ll be on the other side
i caught sight of the city in the distance
shining brighter than the sun
so don’t wait any longer for the land they call up
there’s room for everyone

repeat chorus

there’s not a lot of time my friend
if you listen can you hear the whistle blow?
believing buys your ticket so stick with it ’til the
final call – we’re all set to go

repeat chorus x 2

all aboard for glory
hallelujah home on high