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lirik lagu 18 til i die – brian adams


wanna be young – the rest of my life
never say no – try anything twice
til the angels come – and ask me to fly
gonna be 18 til i die – 18 til i die
can’t live forever – that’s wishful thinkin’
who ever said that – must of bin’ drinkin’
don’t wanna grow up – i don’t see why
i couldn’t care less if time flies by


18 til i die – gonna be 18 til i die
ya it sure feels good to be alive
someday i’ll be 18 goin’ on 55! – 18 til i die

anyway – i just wanna say
why bother with what happened yesterday
that’s not my style – i live for the minute
if ya wanna stay young – get both feet in it – 18 til i die
a ‘lil bit of this – a ‘lil bit of that
‘lil bit of everything – get ya right on track
it’s not how ya look, it’s what ya feel inside
don’t care how – don’t need ta know why


don’t worry ’bout the future
forget about the past
gonna have a ball – ya gonna have a blast
gonna make it last