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lirik lagu so saucy – bright campa


ahem, ahem
sorry, my mouth is kinda dry from eating all of that p-ssy

[first verse]
you know i’m about to bounce it back, whoa
she knows she’s about to bounce it back, whoa
you know i’m the ghost, so f-ck off
you know i’m the man, so back off
you know i got the land, counting the bands

[second verse]
got d-mn lil camp, never knew, counting bands
lil hundred in the band sleep, trying to give me levaunt
i don’t know why he gave me leavunt
i’m the ghost, so let it rock
campa (ouu!) got the sauce!
everyone knows i got the sauce

dip, dip
dip, dip
dropping the rock, let us roll lent when we get in the block
you know i pull up in the, in the block
with a little (opps), (poof) little glock (aye, mm)
she know i got the c-ck (oof), met up with the rock (oof)
she suck my c-ck (oof), running with the rock
oof, oof, oof, oof!