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lirik lagu where i’m from – broke rell


n*gga where i’m from swear this sh*t get lethal
n*gga your age don’t matter everybody k!ll people you either stay out the way or you tripping in the field this sh*t real lil n*ggas already know the deal

ain’t no love in this b*tch all these n*ggas do is plot where i’m from n*ggas hate just because of what you got i was tryna help n*ggas but now all they do is flop i was down on knuckles walking up and down the block

where the f*ck was you when a n*gga needed help? i was down on my ass i couldn’t help myself i be in and out the trеnches i ain’t never in thе burbs n*ggas always capping i can’t even believe they words

the sh*t these b*tches do for a n*gga is absurd
she gone f*ck the whole gang before she even hear a verse i been trying to tell n*ggas that i come from the dirt rip my baby violet i’m gone put you on a shirt

n*ggas talking me to death like i really give a f*ck n*ggas really lame n*ggas wish they could be us i was tripping in the cut, you was tripping with a sl*t i had 6s never had a 6 plus

‘cause i’m h*lla mean i know some n*ggas in the cut serving h*lla fiends b*tch i’m on the scene i’m bout head to the ‘mo i’m on evergreen

tell that n*gga with the frames that he really can’t compete man i’m really way ahead while you n*ggas at my feet brought the gun up to so now these gone retreat imma never move alone imma always bring the fleet ay yo mans he a b*tch need to tell em take a seat i was just with yo b*tch and i told her take a knee

back on this b*tch yo girl a hoe she gone f*ck for some chips back on this b*tch yo girl a hoe she gone f*ck for some chips

man these hoes so dumb and n*ggas can’t read i can’t count on my hand any b*tch that i need everybody turned fake but been saying that it’s me if you lived this life you could see what i see

i stay to myself in this world you alone n*gga f*ck a handout i’ll get it on my own detroit a f*cked up city but this b*tch is my home baby i’m the greatest and they hate i’m on the throne have my n*ggas hit yo dome