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lirik lagu 1minute – buddy2x



sh*t aye i like this keep that sh*t going keep that sh*t going
i just want to stop in and talk my sh*t a lil bit you know me
just talk a lil sh*t you know me
all i need is one minute
two times entertainment, the f*ck sh*t we can’t entertain it
buddy two times b*tch

[verse 1]

you sending shots?
all of my n*ggas bartenders we pull up and serve you the glock
watch it pop at his top
when i up it and blow he gone drop
make it spark like the fourth of july

n*ggas say he the truth
i put that on god he a lie
n*ggas lying i can see it in they eyes
dont let hoes tell you lies
they gather they love in disguise cause you treating that hoe like a prize
i draw down like a riddle
i let your b*tch taste on my skittles
dukes said keep my head on a swivel

i stay on my pivot
on gang n*ggas know that im with it
i keep my head up when i dribble

you rich? that sh*t tickled
i got what you lied bout and trippled
and made your hoe bust like a pimple

i swear this sh*t simple
i c*ck her and bust like a pistol
i got your hoe saying she single

she like when you go drop?
b*tch get the f*ck off my d*ck its alot when you up at the top
know they pray that i drop
i guess god ignoring them n*ggas cause this sh*t i got in on my lock
and your b*tch took the c*ck
she tried to cross me my handles too smoove so that b*tch she got dropped
strapped wit a glock
wit some shots
on the block
f*ck the cops
if you run up get bopped at yo top
smoke out a n*gga like he ain’t got bag
im flexing i know that they mad
skrt off as soon as i hop in the jag
im leaving that sh*t in the past

i got in my bag now i gotta bag
not speaking opinions i only speak facts
we can’t conversate unless its bout them racks
im f*cking her once then im handing her back

i dont care bout that n*gga i feel like his dad
my dad wunt in my life sh*t its cool i ain’t mad

i got my ass and went straight to that bag now look at these f*ck n*ggas now they all mad

run up on me you get poppoed like a tag
im balling like 2k you n*ggas just lag

i got a d*ck as the clip its a d*ck on yo b*tch come on my n*gga now you a f*g