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lirik lagu 0-100 (freestyle) – bure


f-ck being on some drake sh-t
i got 0-100 n-gga real quick
i be on my 2chainz_onabure sh-t
and i don’t feel this sh-t, not even a lil bit
oh, lord
go to work, get paid n-gga
go to the party, get laid n-gga
on my elvis presley, blue suede n-gga
shouts out to iyaz, replayed n-gga
can’t trust anyone these days
they be snitching on you every type of way
this got me feeling some type of way
bure teaching these n-ggas today
stay loyal to the fam
or people will look at it like a sham
i want you to stay true like uncle sam
and now you n-ggas stuck like a traffic jam
kung-fu, now i’m leaving all you n-ggas confused
i be finding sh-t like blue’s clues
looking out the window like i’m still waiting for drake’s views from the 6
open up my bag of tricks
you n-ggas watching while time ticks
n0body messing with my clique
my boy david darker than an oil sl1ck, ha!
shouts out the deceased, i hope you n-ggas rest in peace
to chinx and a$ap yam
everybody in the world is game is dying, godd-mn
what’s up man? how you doing man?
i’m reppin’ abz and atl fam
leo da vinci, renaissance man
but i never wanna grow up, peter pan

real quick, real quick, whole squad on that real sh-t
0-100 n-gga real quick
real quick, real real quick boy, boy
shouts out to some people real quick
shouts out to my boy james cooper
shouts out to tyler handin
shouts out to my entire grade, we hittin’ it
cl-ss of 2018, we reppin’
we reppin’