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lirik lagu cardiff giant – burnt by the sun


tune in. shut off the brain
tie it on. the brain tourniquet
tune in. take it on
shut down. the vital flow to the brain
tune it. shut it down
transmit one channel at a time
the more we watch the less we know
prime time tourniquet around your head
there is nothing. i despise like the stench of lies
there is nothing. i despise more then the stench of lies
it is the power of story that moves the world
the power of perception that defines the world
i have a feeling that what you’re feeding me is not quite right
i decline to buy into the official state line
the more we fear, the less we ask
the more we watch, the less we know
but it still pulls in 24-7
a conduit plugged straight into our minds
and we all know
but we won’t learn
the greatest hoax has always been our will to outwit ourselves
no, we won’t learn
we proudly stand united in our will to submit
(we’re as good as dead)
the war for minds begins here at home
(we’re as good as dead)
we are as good as dead