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lirik lagu 2:20 – bus 16


[verse 1: luc]
first on the verse, iconic flow
you might say i’m the worst at my work
i’ll rap for the h-ll of it, say i’m irrelevant
b-tch go to h-ll with it
this first b-tch, i’m the perfect fit
new school kids, release every week
took your time on that verse
sh-t need to be tweaked
some call me elite, when i put you to sleep
two [?], one [?], now you went deep
thrift shop verse, your sh-t doubles as cheap
no guns, no blow, straight words that flow
i’m pretty good, as local rap goes
new kids, you better behave
hop on this sh-t, it’s the new rap wave
better buy the tombstone and i’ll dig the grave
better buy the tombstone and i’ll dig the grave

[verse 2: ml2]
double platinum on the plaque, i never f-cking step back
click and clack on the track, mac-11 in the ‘pack
flows old as souls on my deadstock [?]
reebok, pumping’ p-ss-es til they see pitch black
sh-t’s wack, old as 80’s academic to crack
stacking’ lapiz, pickax, xp level max
causing’ racket on the track, bus 16 slaps
your sh-t is -ss like the knock off taqis from strack’s
i keep it waxed, [?], cause that sh-t’s on vinyl
check the file ml2 and crew wanted for crime tho
why, old court case that’s sentence on trial
buried now, but the gang prays for my revival
seven sins on my back hanging with trey lyles
now these b-tch made rappers tryna jack our style
p-ssing off the mic, break the record like skiles
b-mpin’ heads on the cloud with an mp3 file

[verse 3: krispy]
we so smooth, but you know that this isn’t a diss
like exo zombies yeah we give the [?] a twist
round 15 up in kino, yeah we run this sh-t
fire sale, pull out the [?] and i give it a [?]
doin’ my own sh-t, b-tch you already know
long nose, pelican, just like pinocchio
hate us cause they ain’t us, they aren’t matching our flow
brb, suck a d-ck, wait, no h-m-
bus 16 run this sh-t, and we know that you listening
done with all the thots, we gon’ finish our mission
44, shot is wet, and our wallet be glistening
ml2, luca, krisp, gotta be wanting here, wishing

yeaaaaah, b-tch
krispy kreme