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lirik lagu bleed the same blood – busta rhymes


bleed the same blood
(feat. maino & anthony hamilton)

[chorus: anthony hamilton]
(yeah!) we all bleed the same blood
(yeah!) and we beat on the same drum
(yeah!) it’s not about where ya at
(yeah!) it’s about where you come from
and i’ma keep on thuggin ’til the day i die!
(yeah!) oh yeah (yeah!)
(yeah! yeah! yeah!)

unstoppable, yo, maino!
ran up in atlantic, told ’em let me go
smack my a&r and grabbed him by his throat
playin with my life’ll get you yellow-taped
runnin in and out of church like i’m the yellow ma$e
all-black fleet like when obama get in
missiles aimed at yo’ building like osama livin
“f-ck ’em all” is what i’m screamin from that mase’ seat
(how about some hardcore) like it’s ’93
think deep, feel the pain in my homie’s face
and only then you’ll understand why my homies bang
strapped up, this is us, f-ck a deal n-gg-
gun boys be like “maino is a real n-gg-”
yeah, me and bust bleed the same blood
handcuffed to the bus, we the same thugs
never fear, just know that i’ma ride for ya
all black baby welcome to my mafia

[chorus w/ ad libs]

[anthony hamilton]
i gotta tell somebody yeahhhhh

[busta rhymes]
i’m p-ssionate about gettin this money
handlin those that be plottin on takin it from me
some of these n-gg-z forgot i be makin it funny
we’re spendin like my fingers rotten then papercut bl–dy
in case you ain’t knowin we back dominatin the country
until i make these n-gg-z black with the strength of a monkey
balenciaga boss, b-tch address me as mister
eat salmons and tortellini down at the bella vista
we move in silence b-tch you better whisper
and sizzle the street with the heat until it h-lla blister
so much bottles, got ’em for every drinker
so much head i be callin mami a heavy thinker
victorious like a n-gg- conquered another nation
buyin bottles and drinkin to drown the sufferation
could give a f-ck about your plan, watch how i handle that
if it ain’t ymcmb or conglomerate, cancel that!

[chorus w/ ad libs]

[anthony hamilton]
i gotta tell somebody, yeahhhhhhhh

[busta rhymes]
so inspirin when a n-gg- doubt
look around and see how n-gg-z try to count me out
only if n-gg-z stepped in my shoes and took a walk
and thought of sh-t i sacrificed i wouldn’t have to talk
and i’m like a b-tch’s blouse on a clothesline
and treatin how i stumbled on another goldmine
while embracin what god be havin for me
you can never stop what is destined, i hope you’re happy for me