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lirik lagu #1 summer jam – butch walker


don’t put another thing on my plate
my brain is so full of your face
i ate i counted the hours
since the minute that i drove by you

and i got a scar where you saw me
don’t think i’ll see you around

come back sunday (come back sunday)
everyday’s a monday
now that you’re gone
come back sunday (come back sunday)
before i got a minute
the minute was gone
think you kinda dug me
but other guys are up above me
trying to get to you cause i let you go

i like to think i’m a pretty slick guy
but something in the sunlight between your thighs
turned me into mush with a certified crush on you

oh, what a fool i must be
so far away from my world.


and it’s never been so weird
to be at the bottom looking up
and i went into this movie of blood and guts
thinking i was the sh-t, i was all grown up
and i wonder, if you wonder, what we could be

writer: walker, butch
lyrics © emi music publishing